Υποβολή προτάσεων στο HORIZON 2020

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BestRhorm21 CSA

  • BestPhorm21 will provide the decisive support to Horizon Europe’s “Photonics Partnership” to stimulate the growth of the European photonics industry.
  • The project is led by the Photoncs21 Secretariat, VDITZ, in partnership with 14 National Technology Platforms and clusters.
  • BestPhorm21 will develop a community driven European photonics industrial strategy and roadmap, engaging over 3,000 experts from industry and academia, that will guide Horizon Europe and industrial investments in R&D and advanced manufacturing.
  • BestPhorm21 thus makes a significant contribution to increasing European technological sovereignty in a key digital technology such as photonics.
  • It will furthermore establish new strategic value chains between photonics and end user industries, through the delivery of 7 additional “photonics enabled” end user industry roadmaps. This will be done in close cooperation with the respective industry stakeholders organsiations, involving experts from both the photonics and end-user industries.
  • The industrial strategy will result in new product launches and services that drive sales growth and support the digitalization of these sectors.
  • BestPhorm21 will trigger cross-member state and regional investments, which mobilise and leverage Europe‘s full innovation ecosystem to keep Europe at the global forefront in photonics R&D and technology development.
  • BestPhorm21 will deliver cross-member state calls valued at > EUR 10 m and 5 interregional investment projects.
  • BestPhorm21 increases access to risk finance for over 300 photonics start-ups and SMEs in their critical growth phases, through “blended finance” (European Investment Council’s Accelerator), “Venture Capital” (dedicated VC events) and “Venture debt” (European Investment Bank).

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PhotonHub Europe IA

PhotonHub is a unique pan-EU large-scale consortium, integrating the following key capabilities and resources of a total of 53 partners into a single one-stop-shop Photonics Innovation Hub for Europe:

  • 36 Technology Support partners representing the top competence centres from across Europe offering the broadest possible range of photonics technologies and photonics specialist domains
  • 11 Local Photonics Hub partners representing other EU regions with an existing smart specialisation in photonics.
  • 6 Business Support partners with specialist resources for supporting SMEs with business coaching, IP advisory support, investment-readiness mentoring and investor matchmaking.
  • Key Objective #1: Building awareness with companies and providing orientation and access as a one-stop-shop
  • Key Objective #2: Increasing the knowledge and skills in photonics amongst the workforce of European industry
  • Key Objective #3: Accelerating SME uptake and deployment of photonics through expertise and innovation support for prototyping, upscaling & manufacturing combined with business coaching
  • Key Objective #4: Supporting companies to find investment for scaling of their business
  • Key Objective #5: Building a sustainable innovation hub which is central to an increasingly integrated and expanding pan-European innovation ecosystem covering most regions of Europe
  • Key Objective #6: Measuring and reporting on impact for continuous improvement

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  • The state-of-the-art Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) diagnostics currently relies on MRI, PET imaging and the cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers measurements.
  • They are not well suited for early alarm allowing only symptomatic treatment, incapable of slowing down the disease progression.
  • The QUEST offers revolutionary theranostics device that combines diagnostics and image-guided therapy.
  • It provides avantgarde time-resolved, < 1 ms, bioimaging in the tissue transparency window at unprecedented spatial resolution, < 10 nm, and exceptionally low level of invasiveness.
  • With its thoroughgoing microscope implementing quantum correlations, frequency upconversion and novel data processing algorithms, QUEST will achieve breakthrough in the imaging of sensitive biological - primarily brain/neural - tissues, and outperform the super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging in terms of the spatial resolution, and the stimulated emission depletion imaging in terms of the noninvasiveness and versatility.
  • QUEST ambitions are TRL4 microscope for pre-clinical AD and FTLD studies. A line of QUEST co-products includes upconverting core-shell nanoparticles, fluorescent nanodiamonds, biocompatible graphene substrates, and image reconstruction software that will reach TRL6 and be ready for immediate market uptake.

The partner HPhos being innovation manager will lead dissemination/exploitation activity in strong collaboration with industrial partners APE, Atomicus, Ray, StabVida, whereas partner TBVT (communication/outreach manager) will be responsible for communication and outreach.

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MEDICOVER,MEdical technologies, DIgital tools and artificial intelligence to COVID-19 surveillancE and caRe" consortium gathers 10 partners represents 6 EU state members, in a combined effort of direct and indirect research to respond quickly and efficiently to COVID-19 crisis.

  • MEDICOVER will detect most promising close-to-market (TRL 7) SMEs solutions in the fight to COVID-19 and support them to accelerate market readiness and market uptake.
  • Following a smart specialization strategy to focus on: Medical Technologies, Digital Tools, and Artificial Intelligence solutions to tackle four target areas:
  • Fast, cost-effective, easily deployable sampling;
  • screening, diagnostic and prognostic systems, Low cost sensors, smart wearable devices and robotics/AI;
  • Innovative data-driven services and tools;
  • Protection of healthcare